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Bicycle Fatalities on the Rise in Louisville

Bicycle riders have always faced increased risks of injury and death on the roads of America. Now, a series of recent studies have found the risks to be higher than ever. While certain risk factors can be identified and mitigated, the fact remains that many Louisville bicyclists will be injured every year. Injured bicyclists often...

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Louisville Motorcycle Crash Risk Rises in Summer

Summer in Kentucky brings with it more than warm breezes. It brings the roar of motorcycles thundering along highways and country roads alike. Louisville and its suburbs are among the best places to ride in the state. Unfortunately, drivers of larger vehicles aren't conditioned to watch for those on motorcycles and mopeds. That means we're...

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Louisville Drivers Must Remain Cautious During Summer Road Trips

Louisville, KY has become a destination for travelers throughout the Midwest and the South, with museums, horse races, premier restaurants and lush parks. Even summer road trippers passing through often make it a point to stop in Louisville for one attraction or another. Faith-based tourism is growing too, with features like the Ark Encounter in...

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Accidents A Big Risk for Louisville, KY Drivers Ages 19-24

A 20-year-old woman was killed recently in a three-vehicle crash in Kentucky, according to ABC 36. The collision occurred at an intersection, and the 20-year-old was pronounced dead at the scene. One of the other motorists involved was hospitalized for treatment and the other was treated at the scene of the collision. Police indicate the cause of...

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Truckers in Louisville, KY Endanger Drivers if They Don't Load Their Cargo Correctly

Truck drivers must ensure that they are following all regulations and all best practices for safety when they are loading cargo. If truck cargo is not properly loaded, a significant accident risk is created. A truck driver could be held legally liable for any accidents that result from their negligent loading of truck cargo. In many...

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Why is Drowsy Driving so Dangerous?

Drowsy driving is incredibly dangerous for motorists. The risks associated with fatigued driving are very similar to the risks associated with driving a car while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Many people who would not ever drive their cars while drunk will think nothing of getting behind the wheel on very little sleep, even...

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