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If you were injured in a car accident in Jefferson County, you need to fight back. Don’t let the insurance company dictate what happens next.

Car accidents happen on Louisville roads and highways every day, from Bardstown Road on the city’s southeast side all the way up to the “Spaghetti Junction,” where Interstates 64, 65 and 71 meet on the city’s north end. Accidents can happen to the safest drivers through no fault of their own. You may be on your way to Waterfront Park or the Jefferson Mall when you’re rear-ended by a texting driver. A drunk driver may even cause a fatal accident on the Gene Snyder Freeway. You need a Louisville car accident lawyer.

Car accidents come in many shapes and sizes, from rear-end crashes to head-on collisions. The Whaley Law Firm handles any type of car accident involving negligence, including broad-side collisions, hit-and-runs, and rollovers, among other common types of car wrecks. We also file wrongful death claims on behalf of families of people killed in fatal car accidents.

If you were injured or a loved one was injured or died in a Kentucky car crash, get in touch with an experienced Louisville car accident lawyer. We know your world can be turned upside down because some other driver was distracted or driving recklessly. At the Whaley Law Firm, we work tirelessly to protect the rights of those injured anywhere in Kentucky. Contact us today at 866-703-7575 for a free case evaluation.

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Before you were injured or your loved one was harmed in a car wreck, you might have thought that motor vehicle accidents hardly ever happen, or that they happen to “other people.” Unfortunately, someone is killed every day on a Kentucky road
– and even people who survive can find their lives changed forever.

The Impact of a Serious Kentucky Car Accident

A car accident can lead to any number of serious injuries, emotional trauma and financial complications in an instant. You may be left wondering how to get back to normal when facing months of physical rehabilitation or multiple surgeries. Ambulance fees, emergency room bills and long-term costs may skyrocket. You may be unable to return to work or care for dependents. That’s why we’re here. We’re ready to help you fight for the compensation you need to cover the long-term cost of your accident.

What You Should Know About the Insurance Adjuster

Insurance companies may try to argue that you were at fault in order to keep your payments to a minimum. Even if they accept responsibility, they may try to convince you to accept an unreasonably low settlement. Insurance companies can create a great deal of confusion. Their adjusters are trained to protect the interests of the insurance company. They often have good people skills, which can fool some accident victims in thinking the adjuster is on their side. Nothing can be further from the truth. The adjuster gets paid to deny claims and minimize payments.

Attorney Aaron Whaley is familiar with all of their tactics, and he takes an aggressive stance on behalf of clients. Don’t talk to the adjuster after your accident. Talk to us first.

How the Whaley Law Firm Can Help With Your Car Accident Claim

The Whaley Law Firm is familiar with what causes of car wrecks in Kentucky and the most common types of car accidents that occur on state roadways. We have the knowledge and resources necessary to prove fault in your accident. We collect evidence. We interview witnesses. We pore over police reports and medical records. All while providing each of our clients the personalized, individual attention necessary to make things right.