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You Don't Pay Unless You Win - Louisville, KY Attorney Who Works on a Contingency Fee Basis

You Can Afford to Hire an Accomplished Injury Lawyer to Protect Your Rights

Our knowledgeable, dedicated legal team works for car accident, truck accident, and personal injury victims on a contingency fee basis. When you retain us as attorneys, you don't pay us legal fees unless we win.*

At the Whaley Law Firm, we take every case seriously. This means that whether your case is big or small, it demands a thorough trial strategy from day one. Your case demands to be investigated, researched and prepared as if it will go to trial immediately.

We think the contingency fee arrangement is best for the client and attorney. As a client, you won't have to worry about paying upfront costs. You won't have to wonder if your lawyer is taking his time because he gets paid by the hour. By working on a contingency fee, your attorney will be motivated to get the best result for you, efficiently and effectively. A successful settlement or verdict is a win for the attorney and the client.

The Impact of a Serious Injury in Louisville, KY

We understand you have enough to worry about after an accident. You may be facing serious injuries. A loved one may have been injured or even suffered a wrongful death. Medical bills add up fast. You may be unable to return to work. Your long-term physical, emotional and financial well-being may be in jeopardy. You shouldn't have to worry about out-of-pocket expenses when seeking compensation for your injuries or the loss of a loved one.

If you choose to retain us, you won't owe us a dime until we obtain a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf.* There are no hidden fees. There are no tricks. It's that simple. We have tried cases, and our results speak for themselves. Contact the Whaley Law Firm for a free case consultation with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Louisville. Call 866-703-7575 today to discover the difference we can make.

* Per the Kentucky Bar Association advertising rules, we are required to state that court costs and related fees are the responsibility of the client. However, at the Whaley Law Firm, our policy is to waive these costs and fees in the event there is no award.

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