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Understanding The Risks of Nighttime Driving: A Louisville Attorney Discusses

The shortest days of the year are here. What does this mean for Kentucky drivers? More nighttime driving, at least until the spring daylight savings. Nighttime driving brings its own set of risks. And those risks often increase the likelihood of being injured in an auto accident.   Visibility is limited According to the National Safety Council (NSC), visibility is significantly...

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What Passengers In Louisville Should Know About Limo Accidents

On average, limousines can carry anywhere from 15 to 20 passengers. They often provide a safe and luxurious mode of transportation for special celebrations in Louisville. But when there’s an accident, limousine passengers can be seriously or fatally injured. A Recent Limo Accident Caused By Operator Negligence A limousine accident in Schoharie, New York that...

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Accidents Caused By Drivers Who Ignore Traffic Signals

Traffic signals serve a valuable purpose in Louisville and throughout the country – to maintain safety at complex intersections. However, some drivers are in hurry. Some speed up as the light turns yellow. Others ignore red lights altogether.   Drivers who run red lights commonly put the lives of other road users at risk. When an accident occurs, some crash victims may...

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3-Foot Passing Law to Reduce Louisville Bicycle Accidents

A 3-foot bicycle passing law took effect in Kentucky on July 14. The Morehead News reports 34 other states have already passed similar laws, which are aimed at reducing and preventing bicycle accidents. Kentucky law now requires motorists to move into a left lane if possible and to leave a minimum of 3 feet between...

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Reducing Risks of Louisville Intersection Accidents

Intersections are some of the most dangerous places in greater Louisville. The National Safety Council recently reported the U.S. had its largest two-year increase in traffic deaths in more than 50 years. And many of those crashes occurred at intersections. The problem is clear. So are the solutions. But getting people to make such changes can be...

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Louisville Car Accidents Often Caused by Aggressive Driving

Would you consider yourself to be an aggressive driver? Your answer is probably no. But speeding, driving too fast for conditions, failing to use turn signals, following too closely and cutting through residential neighborhoods are all common forms of aggressive driving, some of which you've probably committed at one point or another. The truth is...

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Kentucky Car Accidents: Risks and Liability

The National Safety Council has announced a lofty goal of eliminating all road fatalities by mid-century. Road to Zero aims to reduce the 30,000 annual road deaths in the U.S. to zero by the year 2050. The organization believes that just because it hasn't been done doesn't mean it can't be done, noting traffic fatalities declined by...

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Louisville Teens Are Subject to Driving Restrictions That Save Lives

Research has identified factors that increase the risk of teen drivers getting into auto accidents. These include nighttime driving and a high number of passengers. Because of this, many states (including Kentucky) have restricted teen driving privileges in order to address these risks. Auto accidents do not just affect teen drivers. Teenage passengers are also...

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