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Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash in Louisville

Louisville, KY auto accident attorneyKentucky is a choice no fault state, which means drivers can opt into a no fault system or opt out of it.  You need to make sure you review your insurance policies after an accident so you know what types of coverage you have.  Collision victims should be able to get their medical expenses paid and certain other losses covered after a car accident happens, but your coverage will vary depending upon whether you opted into or out of the choice no fault system, depending up the severity of your injuries, and depending on whether you caused the collision or another driver did.

In Kentucky rear-end crashes, the driver in the rear vehicle is usually considered responsible for causing the collision.  Drivers in front vehicles, therefore, may be able to either turn to their own insurance company for coverage under their personal injury protection insurance  or may be able to pursue a claim against the rear driver.  Because drivers in the rear vehicle were supposed to leave a safe following distance, they will have a hard time trying to make a claim alleging the driver in the front caused the crash. These motorists in rear vehicles may still be able to get their medical bills paid by their own insurer under a personal injury protection (PIP) policy.

Tips for Getting Medical Bills Paid After a Rear-End Crash in Kentucky

Whether you are dealing with your insurer or trying to make a claim for compensation from the insurer of another motorist who you believe caused your crash, the process of getting your medical bills paid can be a challenge. This is because insurance companies tend to use dishonest tactics to try to avoid paying for losses which should be covered.

American Association for Justice (AAJ) reported on some of the tactics which insurers use in order to try to avoid paying crash victims the compensation they deserve. These tactics included things like long delays in claims processing, offering very low settlements, and aggressively litigating when crash victims tried to get the money they deserved. Crash victims should never count on insurers to pay for their medical expenses and other losses, even when insurers should. It is very important not to sign anything or accept any settlements with insurers until you know how badly you were hurt and what your treatment expenses will be, and until an attorney has reviewed any settlement offers made to you.

To try to maximize the chances you'll be able to make a successful insurance claim and actually get all of your medical bills paid, there are a few different things you should do including:

  • Provide minimal information to insurers until you speak with a lawyer. Insurers may try to use your words against you to argue against coverage or to try to limit coverage.
  • Document all injuries and treatment expenditures. You want detailed documentation from medical professionals showing how your injuries happened, how extensive your injuries were, and what treatments you needed.
  • Send a demand letter to insurers and know the claims process. Carefully review your policy to find out how to make claims, and send a demand letter to an insurer detailing the extent of your losses and requesting full coverage and appropriate compensation.

It is best to have professional advice as you try to deal with insurers, as rear-end crash injuries can be very expensive and you do not want to be left with uncompensated medical costs.

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