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Common Types of Car Wrecks in Kentucky

Louisville, KY car accident attorney Aaron Whaley has years of experience handling broadside collisions, rear-end crashes, hit-and-runs and more.

Many types of different auto accidents can happen in the blink of an eye on Kentucky roads and highways. Some types of car accidents are more common than others in Kentucky's largest city. These include rear-end accidents and collisions in intersections. But the Whaley Law Firm knows that any type of Louisville car accident can have the same grave consequences. Victims may face catastrophic injuries or die in a wreck through no fault of their own.

Having helped victims for more than 10 years, attorney Aaron Whaley has seen first-hand the devastating impact of car wrecks in Kentucky. An accident can have a long-term physical, emotional and financial impact. You may be traveling along I-64 or approaching the Spaghetti Junction in Louisville when you're hit by a drunk driver. A loved one may be injured or killed after a rear-end crash on Third Street or head-on crash near a Poplar Level Road intersection. Some of the most common types of car accidents reported on Louisville roadways include:

Any type of accident can have a long-term physical, emotional and financial impact. We can help you get compensation and closure. At the Whaley Law Firm, our experienced legal team is ready to stand up for you. Learn how we can protect your rights if you were injured or a loved one died in a car accident.
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T-Bone Accidents

T-bone collisions - also known as broadside collisions or side-impact accidents - are among the most serious types of car wrecks on Louisville roads and highways. While airbags, seat belts and other safety features keep drivers and passengers safe from harm, occupants nevertheless can sustain catastrophic and potentially fatal injuries when their vehicle is struck on its side.

Where do T-bone accidents occur in Kentucky? Experience shows us that collisions often happen at busy intersections in Louisville and surrounding cities and towns. A distracted driver may run a stop sign near the University of Louisville, striking your vehicle on its side at high speeds. A drunk driver on the city's West End may fail to stop at a red light and veer into oncoming traffic.

No matter how a broadside collision occurs in Kentucky, the consequences of a crash - even at low speeds - can be devastating. You or a loved one may have sustained broken bones, burn injuries, damage to internal organs or a traumatic brain, neck or spinal cord injury. In some instances, a loved one may have even suffered a wrongful death as a result of a side-impact accident.

When a T-bone crash occurs, often one driver is more at fault than the other. That's why it's important to have an experienced attorney who can thoroughly investigate and determine liability. A driver may have ignored or failed to see a traffic signal. A driver may have been distracted by a cell phone, under the influence of alcohol or speeding. We can help determine the true cause of your accident and hold the negligent individual accountable. We will fight for the compensation you deserve.

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Rear-End Crashes

Rear-end crashes rank among the most common type of collisions in Louisville and throughout Kentucky. With so many people on the road at once, from West Main District's "museum row" to rush-hour traffic on the Gene Snyder Freeway, stop-and-go traffic is a common cause of rear-end accidents at traffic lights, intersections, crosswalks and parking lots. Even at low speeds, a rear-end crash can have devastating long-term effects.

Rear-end crashes can happen in Kentucky for any number of reasons, but some causes of rear-end collisions are more common than others. In most cases, the rear-most driver is at fault. He or she may have been more focused on a cell phone or a text message than the stopped traffic. A driver may have been speeding and unable to stop before hitting your vehicle. It's even possible a driver is impaired by alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, it's a combination of potentially deadly factors.

Often, injuries such as cuts, bruises and broken bones resulting from a rear-accident may be obvious at the scene of the accident. Seek medical attention immediately after an accident, even if injuries appear to be "minor." Some injuries - such as neck injuries, brain injuries and internal bleeding - may not become apparent until days or weeks after your crash.

Determining fault in a rear-end accident may appear to be simple. The driver behind you hit your vehicle. While an insurance company may not try to argue liability, the adjuster may say your injuries or the damage to your vehicle is minor. You may receive a low-ball settlement offer. Some rear-end crashes involve multiple vehicles, which can result in a complicated claim. The Whaley Law Firm's experienced legal team can be in your corner. Louisville rear-end accident attorney Aaron Whaley has years of experience negotiating with insurance companies to maximize compensation for clients.

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Hit-and-Run Accidents

Accidents can be stressful enough when all involved parties remain at the accident scene. But many Kentucky accidents involve drivers who flee to evade responsibility. A hit-and-run driver is not only breaking the law, but is potentially leaving someone who is seriously injured and in need of medical attention to fend for himself.

In some cases, the driver may speed off before you're able to move your vehicle to safety. In other instances, a driver might pull over and check to see if you're injured, but leave the accident scene before police arrive. There's no excuse to leave the scene of a Kentucky accident. Unfortunately, thousands of hit-and-runs happen every year. At the Whaley Law Firm, we understand that an already difficult situation can become even more complicated when another driver involved in a car wreck chooses to leave the scene of an accident.

Hit-and-run accidents also often involve pedestrians and people on bicycles.

Hit-and-run accidents can be especially traumatic if you're injured or lose a loved one. Without the other driver's insurance information, you may not be sure who will pay for vehicle damage, medical bills and lost wages and other damages. Even if police track down the hit-and-run driver, that driver may be uninsured or underinsured.

In accidents involving hit-and-run drivers and uninsured or underinsured drivers, victims may be able to collect from their own insurance company. Your insurance carrier may be less than willing to pay full and fair compensation. That's why you should contact an experienced hit-and-run accident attorney in Louisville. We can examine your insurance coverage and determine if you can make a claim against your uninsured/underinsured motorist policy. We work tirelessly to prove the cause of your injuries and the long-term physical and financial effect of your accident. Our goal is to help clients receive the benefits they deserve after a hit-and-run accident.

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Collisions in Intersections

Louisville, Kentucky intersections can be dangerous places for drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists, especially in problem areas such as the intersection between 28th Street and Broadway and Bardstown Road's "Restaurant Row." Accidents at intersections often involve multiple vehicles, serious injuries and difficulty determining fault due to a number of different factors.

The experienced team of legal professionals at the Whaley Law Firm understands that Louisville intersection accidents occur for a variety of reasons, but driver error is a major contributing factor. The nature of an intersection means drivers must rely on the judgment of other drivers to safely make left- or right-hand turns, cross traffic lanes or travel straight. Intersection accidents in Louisville are rarely minor, with one vehicle usually traveling at a high rate of speed before striking another.

What causes intersection accidents in Louisville? A driver may be distracted by a cell phone, under the influence of alcohol, or traveling at a high rate of speed and unable to stop his or her vehicle before running a red light, stop sign or another traffic signal. Due to the force of impact caused by the speed of vehicles involved in a crash, injuries can range from broken bones, to traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries or even the wrongful death of a loved one.

Determining liability after an intersection accident can be difficult and confusing. A negligent driver may try to claim he simply "failed to see" a traffic signal or that he had the right-of-way at an intersection. Multiple parties may dispute liability at a traffic signal. An attorney at the Whaley Firm can help cut through the confusion, determine liability and pursue compensation to cover long-term costs associated with your injuries.

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Drunk Driving Accidents

Drivers in Louisville and across Kentucky are well-aware that drinking and driving is against the law. Yet while drivers are taught the risks of driving impaired from an early age, some drivers make the reckless choice of drinking and driving.

The Whaley Law Firm understands how dangerous drivers impaired by alcohol or drugs can be on Kentucky roadways. Drivers under the influence lack coordination and often lack safe decision making skills. A drunk driver in Kentucky may stray from his or her traffic lane on a highway or rural road, fail to observe traffic signals or drive recklessly, resulting in potentially fatal rear-end, head-on and intersection accidents.

Kentucky law is designed to hold drunk drivers responsible for their reckless behavior. Any driver who is found to have a blood alcohol content (BAC) level of .08 or higher can be arrested. Commercial vehicle operators face further restriction, facing harsh penalties if driving with a BAC level of .04 or higher. Furthermore, drivers with blood alcohol content levels of .15 or higher face even tougher penalties.

Drunk drivers also can face civil claims. Louisville drunk driving accident attorney Aaron Whaley can help victims by pursuing a lawsuit against the drunk driver. In such cases, we may seek punitive damages which are meant to punish outrageous conduct and send a message to others not to engage in similar behavior. These are awarded in addition to damages for medical expenses, loss of income and pain and suffering.

We leave no stone unturned in holding drunk drivers responsible for their reckless behavior. We analyze and obtain breathalyzer results. We pore over police and medical records. We can visit the scene of the accident to collect evidence and interview witnesses. Additionally, we may be able to pursue damages from the supplier of alcohol, such as a bar or restaurant, if a visibly intoxicated patron was knowingly served alcohol before a serious accident.

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