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Louisville attorney discusses vehicle recall due to brake defect

Louisville, KY auto accident attorneyBrakes are one of the most important safety vehicle components. When a defect occurs, that drivers may not be aware of, the consequences can be devastating.

Once a vehicle manufacturer becomes aware of a parts defect or other safety issue that violates federal safety regulations, it must issue a recall. When this happens, vehicle owners are entitled to free repairs.

Nissan recently recalled 86,265 of its 2009 Murano SUV’s due to a potential parts defect in the antilock brake system (ABS), according to Consumer Reports. In the event of a malfunction, the brake pedal may move closer to the floor than usual and more quickly than drivers may expect.

When this happens, it may feel like the brakes aren’t engaged, even if they are. This, in turn, may increase stopping distance.

The initial investigation, opened by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), started in April 2018 amid 14 traffic accidents that may have been related to the brake defect.

The recall applies to 2009 Nissan Murano SUVs manufactured from July 9, 2007 - Aug. 29, 2009.

The recall details

The NHTSA identified the defect as a zinc coating within the braking system that could cause a gelatinous substance to form in the brake fluid. This could cause the valves to stick open and allow excess fluids to build up.

In order to fix this problem, drivers can take their vehicles to their dealership. The part will be inspected, and if a defect is identified, the part will be replaced for free.

Actions you can take

If you’re the owner of a 2009 Nissan Murano SUV, or any other vehicle with an issued recall, you may visit the NHTSA’s recall page. You will need to enter your vehicle identification number (VIN) to find out if your vehicle has a recall.

On the other hand, if a parts defect you were unaware of caused a crash, it’s critical that you seek legal representation. Your vehicle manufacturer may be at fault for any injuries or damages accrued from your crash.

To learn what your legal options are, an experienced Louisville auto accident attorney at The Whaley Law Firm can help. Our legal team will investigate the cause of the crash and work tirelessly to hold negligent parties accountable. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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