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Louisville Pedestrians Should be Prepared

Louisville, KY auto accident attorneyBeing hit by a car can cause significant injury. If the bumper of a vehicle strikes you, your injuries are most likely to involve your lower extremities, according to a paper published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If the impact is between you and the car's hood, the hips and abdomen are most likely to be impacted. The head, neck, and thorax are likely to be hurt in situations where you hit either the upper hood or windshield.

In some cases, injuries are extremely serious and you will be taken to the hospital via ambulance. In other situations, you will be hurt but able to take certain actions before leaving the crash scene. After any accident, contacting an experienced pedestrian accident attorney can ensure you have an understanding of your options for pursuing a claim for compensation.

Steps to Take Following a Pedestrian Collision

Reporting the accident is always advisable when a car hits you. recommends individuals involved in pedestrian collisions contact the emergency number so an officer can quickly be sent to the scene. When you do not suspect serious injuries occurred, you may choose to contact the non-emergency police line instead. No matter how you reach out to police, always have someone come to the scene to write a report about the accident. This report may later be used to help you make a case.

The driver whose vehicle hit you should stop the car, so you can exchange contact details. In many pedestrian accidents, this driver's insurer should provide you with compensation for losses. Be sure to get full contact information including finding out the driver's insurance company.

If the driver refuses to stop, won't give you information or will not await the arrival of police, obtain and record as much information as possible so police can find the individual. Hit and run is a crime and police will investigate. You can record a license plate, and details on vehicle make and model if possible. If you have a camera on your phone, consider trying to obtain a picture of the car and its license plate if it is safe to do so.

When you are not taken to the hospital in an ambulance due to serious injuries, consider making a prompt appointment with a doctor, visiting an ER or going to an emergency clinic. Mayo Clinic information indicates concussion symptoms may take time to appear.

Other internal injuries may not appear immediately either. Getting a diagnosis of injuries allows you to get treated even for health issues caused by the accident that do not immediately manifest with outward symptoms. You can also ensure you are able to document the full extent of crash injuries caused so you an obtain compensation for all losses.


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