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The Whaley Law Firm Personal Injury Podcast – Episode 4

Hosted by Louisville personal injury attorney Aaron Whaley

In the Episode 4 of The Whaley Law Firm Personal Injury Podcast, Louisville personal injury attorney Aaron Whaley talks about the legal process after you’ve been in a car wreck. Have you been injured in an accident due to negligence? Contact our law firm today for your free consultation.

Whaley Law Firm Personal Injury Podcast

EP004 Notes

Episode 4:  Welcome to the Whaley Law Firm Personal Injury Podcast.  Today We’re Talking about overall Legal Process after you’ve been in a car wreck.

Aaron Whaley is an attorney in Louisville, Kentucky who handles car wrecks and other personal injury cases across the state.  He’s been practicing law since 2002.

The Legal Issues

It’s important that you have the proper expectations.  How often should I expect to hear from my attorney?  Lack of communication from an attorney is significant issue in Bar complaints.  The Whaley Law Firm attempts to contact clients every two weeks to check in with them.  You may not receive a record of every communication that’s being done behind the scenes.  It could be overwhelming for the client.

What if the insurance company or other companies contact me, directly?  It can happen before you hire an attorney or shortly after you’ve hired one.  After that, they should go through your attorney.  Be cautious if the other party contacts you, especially if they are offering a quick settlement check.  You may not fully understand the extend of your medical care and potential complications.  Your case may be worth more.

How many times will we meet to handle my case?  There will be an initial meeting or meetings.  Keep in contact with your attorney via phone regarding doctor appointments.

Filing a Car Wreck Lawsuit

In more complicated cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed.  Now, you’ll be more involved.  This will extend the resolution of your case.  A deposition and other meetings will be necessary.  The main purpose of a deposition is to figure out information from the client, doctors and defendants.  The attorneys can ask about your medical history and work history.

Your attorney will gather the medical records.  It’s best to let the attorney do it.  Requests have to be sent for records, medical bills and other information.  Let your attorney know when you have a new doctor’s appointments.  This will help your attorney to update your medical status.  This can have a large impact on how your case is prepared to maximize the value of your case.  Ongoing negotiations happen with the insurance adjusters, insurance lawyers and medical providers.

Settling Your Car Wreck Case

Who settles the case?  The client, with the help of the attorney, accepts the final offer.  The attorney will present offers that are made by the other side, but it’s a balance between the case value, the client’s expectation and the insurance company.

When will I receive my settlement check?  Many factors involved, but it can be a few days, a couple of weeks or more.  There can be delays.  What happens if I get bills after we’ve settled?  Your attorney can help to resolve issues.  If those expenses weren’t figured into your settlement, you usually won’t be able to renegotiate the settlement amount.  Don’t rush to get a settlement until you fully understand the extent of your medical care and future treatment.

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Important Disclaimers:

The information provided on this podcast is for general informational purposes only.  It should not be construed as legal advice and does not constitute an attorney-client relationship.  You should seek the advice of an attorney for guidance related to your specific situation.  I am only licensed in Kentucky, so the general advice provided may not apply outside of Kentucky.

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