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Wrongful Death Attorney in Louisville, KY

Kentucky Personal Injury Attorney – Aaron Whaley

If you or a family member are reading this page, you may be dealing with the traumatic loss of a loved one in your life. At the Whaley Law Firm, we treat every wrongful death case with dignity and respect. We cannot imagine your pain, but we try to give you answers to some of your most important questions:

  • We think that our family member may have been killed due the negligence of another, how do we even begin to start?
  • We are already receiving calls and letters from insurance companies…do we have to respond within a certain time period?
  • We are getting stacks of letters from personal injury attorneys…how can we possible choose from all these options?
  • The company that owned the vehicle that killed our family member is already offering to pay money…do we take it?
  • We are piling up bills from the funeral and medical bills from the first responders…what do we do?
  • We are being told that we may have to open an estate to bring our wrongful death lawsuit…is this true?
  • We have so many people giving us advice and telling us what we should be doing…they mean well but what should we do first?

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Serious Questions Demand Serious Answers

At the Whaley Law Firm, we take the time to sit down with you and your family and give you answers that are tailored to your individual situation. Too many times law firms will give generic answers to questions on their websites that have nothing to do with your situation. Your family deserves to have every question answered after careful analysis and reasoned thought…not in a website or off the cuff.

Attorney Aaron Whaley has handled wrongful death claims and will treat your case as if you and your family are his only client. He will give you his personal cell phone number to call at any hour…we understand that pressing questions can come at any hour of the day. The Whaley Law Firm will explain the process from start to finish and will begin to prepare your case immediately for trial. This is necessary even if your case may settle before then so that every fact can be uncovered that may help to maximize the recovery for you and your family.

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You Only Have One Opportunity to Bring a Claim

Unfortunately, you and your family will only have one chance to bring a wrongful death claim if you believe that your loved one’s death was caused by the negligence of another. Therefore, the decision on who to hire as an attorney is critical. We understand that you only have one chance to make a claim and will do everything in our power to maximize your recovery.

The attorneys at The Whaley Law Firm will prepare your case as if it is going to trial immediately. We will investigate every aspect of the case, the individuals responsible and any companies that may be involved as well. We deliver results and walk the talk.

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