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Preventing Nighttime Pedestrian Accidents in Louisville

A pedestrian was struck and killed recently in a late-night accident in Louisville, KY. WLKY reported that the incident occurred on a Thursday morning at around 12:15 AM at Main Street and Clay Street in the downtown Louisville area. Police were called to the scene of the collision and found a man lying in the road...

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Avoiding Mistakes After Kentucky Motorcycle Accidents

Kentucky motorcycle accidents are far too common.  Just recently, WCPO reported a man was killed in a fatal motorcycle collision in Kentucky when he drove his motorcycle off the road into a ditch.  The 35-year-old motorcycle rider was thrown from his bike and sustained serious injuries. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident...

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Kentucky Rear-End Accidents Can Cause Harm to Motorists

A rear-end accident resulted in multiple fatalities recently in Kentucky when a dump truck driver got distracted and did not see a slower moving car. The dump truck rear-ended the car, and then overrode the vehicle and pushed it into the guardrail.  The collision is currently being investigated by an accident reconstruction specialist according to...

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Getting Costs Covered After Louisville Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents are costly. In addition to facing serious medical expenses and property damage at the time of an accident, injury victims oftentimes find that the cost of long-term care and other expenses can last for years after an accident has occurred. According to data from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) drunk driving...

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Technological Advancements Reduce Rear-End Accidents?

An increasing number of auto manufacturers are equipping vehicles with technology designed to prevent rear-end car accidents, which remain one of the most common types of accidents nationwide, particularly due to distracted driving. An estimated 40 percent of all car wrecks are rear-end collisions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Rear-end car...

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How Federal Laws Could Increase Louisville Truck Accidents

In Kentucky, there are state laws in effect which impose rest and meal break requirements applicable to truckers driving within the state. For example, truckers are entitled to a break for 10 minutes for every four hours worked. Kentucky is one of 22 states which imposes additional laws on break time for truckers above-and-beyond what the federal regulations require.  The...

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T-Bone Crashes Put Louisville Kids In Danger

Side impact or T-bone accidents - which occur when one vehicle strikes the side of another - are among the most dangerous types of crashes on the roads. These accidents cause around 10,000 fatalities per year and a study of crashes showed T-bone accidents accounted for 32 percent of deaths despite making up just 19...

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Causes of Louisville Head-On Accidents

In Kentucky, head-on collisions accounted for two percent of all car accidents over the course of 2013. While only a small portion of crashes were head-on, these accidents caused 24 percent of fatalities in the state. Kentucky State Police Traffic Crash Facts report 1,457 head-on crashes total, and 47 fatalities in head-on collisions.  Because head-on...

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