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How Louisville Drivers Can Keep Their Skills Sharp and Prevent Accidents

Louisville, KY auto accident attorneyMany Kentucky drivers have held a driver’s license for years or even decades. Like any repetitive task, driving can become a mundane and mindless activity after such a long time. But it is important for Louisville drivers to keep their skills sharp.

Many auto accidents are caused by drivers who simply weren’t paying attention, or who developed unsafe driving habits (such as distracted driving) over years of road use. By making an honest assessment of their driving habits, Louisville drivers can prevent accidents that injure victims, lead to increased insurance premiums, and result in citations for civil or criminal traffic offenses.

Cleaning Up Sloppy Driving Habits

In many cases, unsafe driving habits are simply a violation of minor rules which have been forgotten over time. Signalling every lane change or turn, always turning into the nearest lane, and other similar road rules are easy to forget - or ignore - over years of driving. Yet these rules are in place for a reason. They protect all road users from avoidable accidents.

Sloppy habits can also apply to distractions behind the wheel. Few drivers set out on the road with the intention of texting while driving. Yet many end up doing exactly that. It is important to be vigilant about reducing cell phone use while driving. Many phones and other devices have settings that prohibit calls or texts from coming through while driving. This can help reduce the temptation to call, text, email, surf the internet, or use mobile apps while driving.

Additionally, you should take the time to reevaluate your driving skills. This can be done by checking your mirrors, practicing complicated S-turns, watching your distance from other vehicles, paying attention to what is happening in every direction and taking an advanced driver's course.

Bad Habits Lead to Bad Accidents

It is important to keep a careful watch on the road at all times while driving. Pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcycle riders can all be difficult to see from a passenger vehicle - especially at night or during other periods of limited visibility. This is what led to the tragic death of a moped rider in Louisville. WDRB reports that the young man, just 25 years old, was struck by a car and killed by the blunt force trauma sustained in the accident.

Simply not paying attention also led to a fatal accident on the Kennedy Bridge. According to WAVE 3, a young woman driving a Jeep failed to notice traffic stopped ahead. She crashed into the back of a tractor trailer and was killed by the force of the collision. A third vehicle was also involved in the accident, but no other injuries were reported.

It is important for all drivers to make an honest assessment of their driving habits. These local stories show how drivers can injure themselves through negligence. All other road users are also placed in danger, and negligent drivers can face criminal charges, civil fines, and administrative penalties such as a suspended driver’s license. These consequences are an important step toward deterring negligent driving.

A Louisville auto accident attorney can help injury victims hold negligent drivers accountable for unsafe driving habits that endanger all road users.

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